Thursday, 4 July 2013

All About Pregnancy

Tiredness is not something new to me now. What else is new during pregnancy right? Does being sensitive counts? Oh well, you can't help it when the pregnancy hormones is having some fun with you.

It's frustrating when you forget something. This morning, kiddo asked me about his school bus card. I totally forgot where I put it or where last I've seen it. I remember telling him the card was in the car's compartment. But it wasn't there anymore. And, Mr. Fruitheart said something that makes me sad.. 'Always the same mistake.'

What to do when you totally forgot? I didn't do it on purpose. And after hard thinking, I pretty much assure that the card is in kiddo's school bag. Let's hope it is there when I get back home.

So, to make me feel better.. I went shopping. Feed the tummy with my favourite chicken puff, almond twist from Cake Sense and Kiwi Dream juice from Juice Works. I went to Isetan the maternity section. There were sales banner everywhere. Me like it! 9 months maternity dress also having their sales and I like their stripes maxi and blouse. But sadly no I didn't buy any. Tight budget. So forget it. I'll pamper myself with new clothes on Feb 2014!

I should have those yellow sticky notes with me all the time, because I need to take note what I must do next or where I put my stuff. Yes, I do have smart phones. What if then I forgot where I put my phone? It is not easy when you are being pregnant with a belly growing bigger each day, a 14 months old active toddler who's an attention seeker, a 9 year old boy who needs to share his mother's love, a husband who also need to be taken good care off, a 8-5 work and house to maintain. Please God, give me patience and strenght to face all this.

P/S: I should be having an ice cream or chocolate.. Le sigh. Tomorrow I guess.
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