Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Pregnancy Craving.. Wondermilk

Ahh.. talking about cravings again. This time, I want something sweet. I accidentally logged into my IG and saw a picture of cupcakes. It was from Wondermilk. It was so cute and looked delicious. I must have it, I told myself.

I even tagged Mr. Fruitheart to the comments on that picture just to show him how bad I want it. HEHE.

We went to Wondermilk Damansara to get the cupcakes. I am a happy pregnant wife! It was a bit hard to find the shop and there was hardly a parking space. I was going to be disappointed when finally I saw the signboard. There were few trees in front of the shop which I think it is best if they cut it down to make it easier for us to spot the shop.

Image credit to Google
There were lots of customer that day. Mr. Fruitheart said the price was bit expensive for the small cupcakes. But, since his pregnant wife want it so bad.. he bought it. HEHE.

We bought a pack of 6 cupcakes - Very very very chocolate, blueberry cheese, foxy red velvet, oh my choc and 2 tiramisu I miss you. Why 2? Because both my boys likes tiramisu so much. I don't want them to get into a fight later at home.

I also added few cookies into the list - Koko Fudge which already finished, Choco Dots and Chocolate Oatmeal. Each jar costs RM10. 6 packs of cupcakes is RM25.

So how was it? DELICIOUS and SWEET and cute!. Just that it's a bit small and tak puas makan kecil-kecil ni. HEHE. Baby girl likes it too. All of us loved it. My little brother who came over for break fasting at our house that day bought it as well, but he went to Publika.

P/S: Will we buy it again? Definitely!
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