Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Normal Me vs The Pregnant Me

The Normal Me
Waist - 28
Fit XS shirt
I love my Jimmy Choo's EDT
Can walk like a model
Rub tummy because I am so full
Weight 50KG
Hardly forget stuff
No nap in the afternoon is fine
Wears sweater in the office because it's damn cold
High heels makes me almost the same height as my husband

The Pregnant Me
Waist - 48?
Fit XXL hubby's shirt
I HATE perfume!
I walk like a mama penguin.. Was called "Happy Feet"
Rub tummy to stop the 'baby' from doing kung fu
Weight - up to 65KG
Easily forget stuff even after 10 sec doing it
It's hot! No need to wear sweater even if the temperature is 16'C
Flat shoe is my very best comfort shoe ever invented

Friday, 23 August 2013

Less Than 100 Days

Is it time for mommy to freak out yet? Almost. Mr. Fruitheart checked the baby bump application and the countdown is now going down to 99 more days to go. What?? Less than 100 days??

I'm soon going to reach 26 weeks. I'm feel so heavy and now baby has already started kicking hard. At one time it's like she's doing yoga, one other time feels like she's playing soccer and doing kung fu! I can feel the pain lower down there while walking or moving. It must be 'her' hair pressing my bladder. It is not funny OK girl, doing that while mummy is walking.

People might say, you'll going to miss all that after delivery. Oh yeah, I'm sure will when all my children becoming an adult!

P/S: Friday supposed to be less work, but from what I am having now.. it is not. I need chocolate or ice cream! :( **Someone hear me?**

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Favourite Quote of The Week #34

“There are at least two sides to every issue, and I like my issues sunny side up. I also like bacon and toast on the side. Are you eating what I’m saying?

― Jarod Kintz, At even one penny, this book would be overpriced. In fact, free is too expensive, because you'd still waste time by reading it.

Why Am I Not In The Picture?!

On kiddo's bedside table he has two picture frames. One is where there are 3 of us.. me, Mr. Fruitheart and him. The other day, baby girl went to his room and took the picture frame from it's place. She hit the frame on the table which I accidentally yelled at her.. "Arissa! Pecah nanti!".

She replied.. "Allaaaaaaaa.. walaaa.. eiyaaaaa.. aarrhhhh... ooollooooo.. oweeyyooo.."

Which I assume.. "I demand an answer why I am not in the picture!"

P/S: I can't imagine when she can actually talk. She can be very talkative.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Children and Hari Raya Visit

We all used to be kids aren't we? There are times when our parents went for a visit to our relatives house, we made long face. Some of us even show tantrum and siap berguling atas lantai because we didn't want to go. Remember those days?

I do. As the eldest, I always asked my younger siblings to cry and that was a good reason for my parents to said, "Ah OK, they're ready to go." It worked everytime!

Now as a parent, I had the same situation with my own children. Kiddo easily gets bored especially when the house we went were all adults and senior citizens. If there are other kids his age, he can easily fit in and play with them. That is why, sometimes we bring along the coolest gadget ever made.. iPAD!

Kiddo and his cousin Mia enjoying their time with Samsung tablet. This was the first house actually. The next and next house, no more battery and yeah he complained tired, boring and asked "When we will go home mom?" hundred times.

P/S: Syawal day 14. 2 weeks passed by so quickly.. and my raya mood has long gone already. HEHE.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Mr.Fruitheart.. My 32 Year Old Darling

Mr. Fruitheart turned 32 last Saturday. I didn't plan any birthday party, well.. same like last year and the year before. No party. No presents too. Ouch!

We've been joking around saying that I need to buy him something that equals the money he spent on our May birthday celebration. HEHE. Kiddo has been asking his daddy what he wants for his birthday, and knowing my husband he always like to tease his son.

"I want Ferrari lah."
"Eh.. I want big house."
"I want new wife can ah?"
Say what?????!!!!!

Very funny huh.

On Friday, we went to Bubba Gump Shrimp at the Curve and had our lunch there. Just the 3 of us since kiddo was with his grandparents for a week. Last time we ate Bubba Gump was in 2008 or 2009. It was on Mr. Fruitheart's birthday too. Only this time, he didn't have to stand on the chair and shake his booty. HEHE.

I just love their new blinking drink glass which costs RM24.90 together with the juice. The best part? You can take the glass home. Yay! Mr. Fruitheart had ST MGO CHILLER and I had watermelon lemonade.

Mr. Fruitheart raised his hands to the waiter when we finally decide what to eat. And I remembered we had to change the sign to "Stop Forrest Stop" for the waiter to actually stop by our table for anything.

Then we had to changed it to "Run Forrest Run". The tin pail is used to kept the tissue roll, wet tissues and sauces. It is not easy when you have a 15 months old on the table when she was very busy re-arranging all those stuff on the table.

We didn't know that kids eat free here. So I asked the waiter what kids menu they have. He suggested fish and chips which I think baby girl will love it. And yes she loved it.

This is for the birthday man. Shrimper's Heaven - RM45.90

This delicious dish is for me and my baby, Crazy Cajun Chicken - RM 28.90

Overall, Mr. Fruitheart and baby girl were both satisfied. She likes her fish and chips. She even gave some to his daddy.. awwww.

"Say aaaaaaa daddy.."

She loves the watermelon lemonade drinks and had few sips. She's frenzy of watermelon. While I was pregnant with her, I could eat half of the watermelon all to myself which makes my father in law so worried and asked Mr. Fruitheart if it is OK for a pregnant mother to eat watermelon. Of course yes. HEHE.

Absolute Chocolate from Secret Recipe - RM120. It tasted so yummehhhhhhh!

The "young' smile. That was what my sister said.

P/S: Happy birthday dear honey sweetheart.. I love you so much!

Chiropractic Treatment Again

I am on last Friday. The original plan was to go to Kuantan for a short mini family holiday plus celebrating Mr. Fruitheart's birthday. However, due to tight budget this month we had to postponed it to some other time.

Since we do not have any plans, I decided to give my lovely Dr. Twink a visit. HEHE. I tell you, my back hurt like there was no tomorrow for pain. Aching here and there. And I walked like a big penguin.
It was a last minute appointment and lucky me there was a slot in the morning. I reached there 15 minutes earlier and there were no other patients. We had to bring baby girl along since her babysitter was still on raya holiday. Thank God she was well behaved.
Dr. Twink asked me how am I doing and yeah, she knew I was tired. The look on my face. This time, she had to "tick" me so many times especially my buttocks area. I can feel my bones moving when she massage. Crazy isn't it? And I was scared too. I was afraid my bones gonna be broken. Like seriously yes, she pressed lightly also I was "ouching".

She told me to take extra vitamin - B Complex from Blacksmore. Ok doc, what ever you say. She also remind me not to carry heavy things and not to carry my girl. Err.. Ok doc I will try.

I told her, I feel like an 80 year old lady whenever I get up. She said, "well you are the lucky 80 year old who can still get pregnant then." Errr.

P/S: Once a month visit to her starting after this. I need to ensure my bones are well aligned. If we can take care of our car.. send it for balancing and alignment, our body needs it too.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Taking Loans for Wedding.. What Say You?

In theStar today, one of the news I read was "Worrying trend of Muslim couples taking loans for weddings".

"Kosmo! reported the worrying trend of young Muslim couples being in debt after taking personal banks loans of between RM50,000 to RM85,000 to get married."

Read more here: Worrying trend of Muslim couples taking loans for weddings

RM85K??!! Wow! I could use that as my house down payment. Seriously, do you think it is wise to take up loan nearly 100K for a wedding? No I don't think so. OK, I know we don't know the other person side of the story why he or she took up the loan. But, I know things can be discussed. Right?

It is better if the money use to buy house stuff, like washing machine, sofa, bed or house down payment. During my time, thank God that my dowry wasn't high until it burdened my husband. Plus, we join forces in saving money for our wedding. Mr. Fruitheart did remind me that we are going to live together for the rest our lives and he don't want later we have issue with money. Well, he was right. We don't take any loan for our wedding and we saved a LOT. Thanks to our discipline in saving.

I wish and remind myself not to be "picky-mom" and put high dowry or dream of having lavish and grand ceremony for my children when they want to get married. I know how hard it is to earn money and therefore I don't want them to be in debt when they have their own family.

P/S: Just forget what others will say.. you owned your own wedding. Buat ikut kemampuan sendiri.

OOTD First Day of Aidilfitri 2013

We are still in the mood, week and month of Syawal. It is the 5th day today. Monday blues? Yes, because I had to work. Boo hoo hoo.

So here's my ootd - outfit of the day on my 1st day of Aidilfitri. I looked emm.. chubby. Fat. Huge. 24 weeks pregnant.

P/S: My sister said I looked like blue hippo, remember the blue hippo of TM mascot? Grrr!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 1434H

*Sticky Entry*

To all my readers.. Salam Aidilfitri dan mohon kemaafan di bulan yang mulia ini. Thank you for all your time and support reading this blog.

Raya 2013. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir Batin.

Image credit to http://www.smsblaze.com/tag/hari-raya-greeting-messages-2013/

P/S: Have a safe journey 'balik kampung' and return to the city people! Safety first. Ingatlah orang tersayang.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Riuh Rendah Dialog Sehari Sebelum Raya

Esok raya.. Eh, betul ke? Dah nampak anak bulan? HEHE. Bak bait-bait lagu raya Senario..

"Anak-anak Gembira Bila Syawal Menjelma
Lebih Hebat Ibu dan Bapanya
Berhabis Tak Berkira Asal Nampak Bergaya
Walau Hutangnya Panjang Berjela"

Jom Balik Raya 2013
Image credit to abgteror.com
Moga kita semua dijauhkan daripada hutang yang panjang berjela selepas raya.

Sekarang ini mesti ramai anak-anak dara dan mak-mak dara yang sedang sibuk di dapur. Memasak juadah untuk pagi raya esok..insyAllah; dan mungkin dah ada yang masukkan kuih dalam balang sambil "NGAP". Almaklumlah dia dah beraya dulu. HEHE.

Antara dialog glamer sehari sebelum raya..

Mak: Keisyaaaaaa!!!! Bangun anak oii. Dah nak tengahari ni. Ish! Buruk perangai anak dara bangun lewat.

Keisya: *sambil kesat mata* awal lagi nak bangun ni mak. Pukul 4 nanti kejut lah.
Mak: Tolong mak kat dapur ni kupas bawang, potong sayur. Nak masak untuk pagi raya esok.
Keisya: Ala, esok lah masak.
**Mak datang dengan baldi penuh air simbah anak.**

Dugaan anak seorang.

Katrina: Mana ucu ni? Belum sampai-sampai. Takkan along nak buat sorang semua ni mak?
Ixora: Entahnya. Nak mengelat lah tu.
Mak: Nanti sampai lah. Yang dengki adik bongsu kamu belum sampai dah kenapa?
Katrina: Iye lah, iye lah. Nak menangkan adik je. *muncung ke depan*
Ixora: Nanti suruh dia vacuum satu rumah tau mak.

Dugaan anak bongsu dan anak yang tua bila buat kerja rumah.

Mak: Untung mak ada anak lelaki ramai boleh tolong kemas rumah.
Adrian: Tunggu lah abang long bawa balik menantu nanti ye mak, abah.
Abah: Haaa.. pandai cakap orang. Kamu tu dah nak masuk 3 series juga. Mana bakal menantu abah?
Ashman: Padan muka.
Mak: Raya bertambah meriah kalau dah ada menantu dan cucu kan abahnye?
Abah: Kalau dah sampai raya haji pun kamu berdua tak bawa balik menantu, abah carikan calon menantu ikut pilihan abah.
Mak: Eh eh abahnye, itu macam nak buat tambahan cawangan je bunyinye.
**Abah sengih sampai telinga**

Dugaan anak yang belum kahwin dah lanjut usia.

Andy: Mak, kak long tak balik beraya tahun ni ke?
Mak: Tak. Balik umah mentua dia la.
Andy: Dah 15 tahun kot raya pertama dia asyik kat umah mentua je.
Abah: Biar lah. Janji raya haji dia balik. Kamu esok dah kahwin, bawak-bawak lah berbincang gilir balik raya ke kampung.

Dugaan anak yang sudah berkahwin tak balik raya.

Abah: Ish.. ish.. 15 balang kuih raya? Kerepek 5 balang? Ini semua siapa nak habiskan nanti??
Mak: Ish.. abang ni. Dah tentu lah jiran tetangga, kawan-kawan sy dan abang. Kawan-kawan anak kita lagi. Biar lebih, jangan kurang. Nanti tak ada kuih nak jamu.
Abah: Kalau tak habis, awak jual balik semua kan?
**Mak menjeling maut**

Suami: Dalam sampul ni saya masukkan 2 ringgit je.
Isteri: Eh abang ni, sikit tu. Masukkan lah 5 ringgit.
Suami: Budak-budak kecil mana boleh pegang duit banyak. Nanti dah tentu mak bapak diorang pinjam duit.
Isteri: Eh sebab apa pulak?
Suami: Iye lah, mak-mak dah habis memborong sakan sebelum raya. Lepas raya tak cukup duit.
Isteri: Abang perli saya ke apa ni?

Dugaan isteri berbelanja melebihi bajet.

Suami: Anak-anak daddy sekalian, tahun ni kita nak balik beraya mana?
Isteri: Anak-anak mummy sekalian, tahun ni kita balik beraya rumah opah ye.
Anak 1: Rumah opah. Tak ade internet.
Anak 2: Rumah opah tak ade aircond.
Anak 3: Rumah opah tak playstation.
Anak 4: Rumah opah tak de line telefon MAXIS, DIGI, CELCOM, UMOBILE.
Suami: Yeay! Kita balik rumah atuk lah macam ni.
Anak-anak: Rumah atuk pun sama. Kami beraya di KL aje lah daddy, mummy.

Anak-anak yang terlalu obses dengan kehidupan kotaraya. 

P/S: Banyak sangat dialog sampai tak tahu nak tulis yang mana. HEHE. Apa-apa pun, Selamat Hari Raya.

Monday, 5 August 2013

How To Be Responsible Parents for Dummies?

Earlier today I read the news about a child being abducted in twitter. There was a hash tag #FindAisyah too. I do not want to type here how it happened and so on. It was in the Star as well.

My story: It happened to me when kiddo was 7 years old, Std. 1. Class finished at 12.30pm that day. We were a bit late, reached the school around 12.45pm. 15 minutes late! He was not at his transit centre, and he was not at the place we asked him to wait. We looked around the school. He was nowhere to be found. I cried. I blame myself for being late. I called my in laws and even my husband's cousin in case she picked my son along with her daughter. But no.

Even the teacher and school guard helped us looked for kiddo. I just had my operation a week before and still in pain, but that doesn't stopped me from running up and down the stairs. What I know is I MUST FIND MY SON. After about 20 minutes looking, I received a call from my MIL and said my son is at home. THANK GOD!

So, it was our neighbour who took him without letting us know. I thanked him for his kindness but at the same time, I told him.. please do inform us first. Lesson we learned that day, get all your neighbours phone number!

I do not know how can some parents leave their child in the car, with the engine running for 5 minutes to buy something in the supermarket? I can't even take it some parent leave their unwell child to go for a meeting for hours under the hot sun?! Don't you know how hard is it when you push your child out during delivery time? You simply leave your child unattended knowing the child know what to do next in case something happen. Let us remind ourselves again, to take good care of our own child, be alert of their movement and know where they are. Let us remind ourselves too, our child is our priority no matter what. Family first.

I pray hard that this kind of thing doesn't happen to me and my family. I wish every parent would be more careful with their child. Seriously people, too many cases already. You cannot blame the child for your own negligence.

Image credit to http://www.cartoonstock.com/directory/e/embarrassing_parents.asp


Friday, 2 August 2013

Death is Certain, Life is Not

Yesterday, my grandmother (my mom's mother) passed away. She was 78. Me and Mr. Fruitheart went back home and able to see her for the last time. Raya is only few days away..

“Sesuatu yang bernyawa tidak akan mati melainkan dengan izin Allah, sebagai ketetapan yang telah ditentukan waktunya. Barangsiapa menghendaki pahala dunia, nescaya Kami berikan kepadanya pahala dunia itu, dan barangsiapa menghendaki pahala akhirat, Kami berikan (pula) kepadanya pahala akhirat. Dan Kami akan memberi balasan kepada orang-orang yang bersyukur.” -- surah Ali Imran ayat 145

Al-fatihah untuk arwah nenek Raden Naimah. Semoga roh mu tenang di sana. Amin.
P/S: Mati itu pasti. :(

Food Review: Ramadhan Buffet at Sama-Sama Hotel, KLIA


You must be wondering where is this hotel. Not? Ok.. ok. Previously it was called Pan Pacific Hotel KLIA. They had changed the management and decided to change the hotel's name as well.

Last Saturday, our family had a little gathering as usual and decided to eat out during break fasting. It was like a family event where during Ramadhan we had this makan-makan session. Same place we ate last year at Degress. We reached around 6.30pm and there were not many people at that time.

First we took grilled lamb which located outside the place.

Grilled lamb

My sister who took one plate for all of us

There were variety of foods as usual and what us human love the most right, eat until you feel like your tummy want to burst. There were choices of spaghetti, sushi (yummy!), beriyani, noodles, kuih-muih, salads, fruits, Malay food and so on. The only thing missing was the chocolate fountain. They said the thing was broken. Kempunan mak! 

Sushi section

Variety of kuih-muih

Variety of seafood - oysters, shrimps, muscle

Variety of pastries

Variety of pastries again! Sweet!

Variety of kerabu

Mr. Fruitheart's first plate

There were also performance by a band. Children standing in front of the small stage and requested for them to play 'Hari Raya' songs. Well they were so excited. HEHE. Ahh.. those bring back my memories when I was a kid myself. Yeah, celebrating 'Hari Raya' when I was small was merrier than when I am adult. No duit raya.

Pretty lady with nice voice
Price? RM110 per head. Children below 12 need not to pay. Phew! As always, foods meet our expectation, friendly staff, nice ambiance and environment. Definitely the nice place to have iftar, break fasting session with your family and friends.

P/S: Next year? We might not be going since baby girl will be 2 years old and my baby in tummy going to be 6 months old InsyAllah. So, not enough hands to take care both. HEHE.