Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Children and Hari Raya Visit

We all used to be kids aren't we? There are times when our parents went for a visit to our relatives house, we made long face. Some of us even show tantrum and siap berguling atas lantai because we didn't want to go. Remember those days?

I do. As the eldest, I always asked my younger siblings to cry and that was a good reason for my parents to said, "Ah OK, they're ready to go." It worked everytime!

Now as a parent, I had the same situation with my own children. Kiddo easily gets bored especially when the house we went were all adults and senior citizens. If there are other kids his age, he can easily fit in and play with them. That is why, sometimes we bring along the coolest gadget ever made.. iPAD!

Kiddo and his cousin Mia enjoying their time with Samsung tablet. This was the first house actually. The next and next house, no more battery and yeah he complained tired, boring and asked "When we will go home mom?" hundred times.

P/S: Syawal day 14. 2 weeks passed by so quickly.. and my raya mood has long gone already. HEHE.
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