Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Chiropractic Treatment Again

I am on last Friday. The original plan was to go to Kuantan for a short mini family holiday plus celebrating Mr. Fruitheart's birthday. However, due to tight budget this month we had to postponed it to some other time.

Since we do not have any plans, I decided to give my lovely Dr. Twink a visit. HEHE. I tell you, my back hurt like there was no tomorrow for pain. Aching here and there. And I walked like a big penguin.
It was a last minute appointment and lucky me there was a slot in the morning. I reached there 15 minutes earlier and there were no other patients. We had to bring baby girl along since her babysitter was still on raya holiday. Thank God she was well behaved.
Dr. Twink asked me how am I doing and yeah, she knew I was tired. The look on my face. This time, she had to "tick" me so many times especially my buttocks area. I can feel my bones moving when she massage. Crazy isn't it? And I was scared too. I was afraid my bones gonna be broken. Like seriously yes, she pressed lightly also I was "ouching".

She told me to take extra vitamin - B Complex from Blacksmore. Ok doc, what ever you say. She also remind me not to carry heavy things and not to carry my girl. Err.. Ok doc I will try.

I told her, I feel like an 80 year old lady whenever I get up. She said, "well you are the lucky 80 year old who can still get pregnant then." Errr.

P/S: Once a month visit to her starting after this. I need to ensure my bones are well aligned. If we can take care of our car.. send it for balancing and alignment, our body needs it too.
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