Monday, 5 August 2013

How To Be Responsible Parents for Dummies?

Earlier today I read the news about a child being abducted in twitter. There was a hash tag #FindAisyah too. I do not want to type here how it happened and so on. It was in the Star as well.

My story: It happened to me when kiddo was 7 years old, Std. 1. Class finished at 12.30pm that day. We were a bit late, reached the school around 12.45pm. 15 minutes late! He was not at his transit centre, and he was not at the place we asked him to wait. We looked around the school. He was nowhere to be found. I cried. I blame myself for being late. I called my in laws and even my husband's cousin in case she picked my son along with her daughter. But no.

Even the teacher and school guard helped us looked for kiddo. I just had my operation a week before and still in pain, but that doesn't stopped me from running up and down the stairs. What I know is I MUST FIND MY SON. After about 20 minutes looking, I received a call from my MIL and said my son is at home. THANK GOD!

So, it was our neighbour who took him without letting us know. I thanked him for his kindness but at the same time, I told him.. please do inform us first. Lesson we learned that day, get all your neighbours phone number!

I do not know how can some parents leave their child in the car, with the engine running for 5 minutes to buy something in the supermarket? I can't even take it some parent leave their unwell child to go for a meeting for hours under the hot sun?! Don't you know how hard is it when you push your child out during delivery time? You simply leave your child unattended knowing the child know what to do next in case something happen. Let us remind ourselves again, to take good care of our own child, be alert of their movement and know where they are. Let us remind ourselves too, our child is our priority no matter what. Family first.

I pray hard that this kind of thing doesn't happen to me and my family. I wish every parent would be more careful with their child. Seriously people, too many cases already. You cannot blame the child for your own negligence.

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