Friday, 23 August 2013

Less Than 100 Days

Is it time for mommy to freak out yet? Almost. Mr. Fruitheart checked the baby bump application and the countdown is now going down to 99 more days to go. What?? Less than 100 days??

I'm soon going to reach 26 weeks. I'm feel so heavy and now baby has already started kicking hard. At one time it's like she's doing yoga, one other time feels like she's playing soccer and doing kung fu! I can feel the pain lower down there while walking or moving. It must be 'her' hair pressing my bladder. It is not funny OK girl, doing that while mummy is walking.

People might say, you'll going to miss all that after delivery. Oh yeah, I'm sure will when all my children becoming an adult!

P/S: Friday supposed to be less work, but from what I am having now.. it is not. I need chocolate or ice cream! :( **Someone hear me?**
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