Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Mr.Fruitheart.. My 32 Year Old Darling

Mr. Fruitheart turned 32 last Saturday. I didn't plan any birthday party, well.. same like last year and the year before. No party. No presents too. Ouch!

We've been joking around saying that I need to buy him something that equals the money he spent on our May birthday celebration. HEHE. Kiddo has been asking his daddy what he wants for his birthday, and knowing my husband he always like to tease his son.

"I want Ferrari lah."
"Eh.. I want big house."
"I want new wife can ah?"
Say what?????!!!!!

Very funny huh.

On Friday, we went to Bubba Gump Shrimp at the Curve and had our lunch there. Just the 3 of us since kiddo was with his grandparents for a week. Last time we ate Bubba Gump was in 2008 or 2009. It was on Mr. Fruitheart's birthday too. Only this time, he didn't have to stand on the chair and shake his booty. HEHE.

I just love their new blinking drink glass which costs RM24.90 together with the juice. The best part? You can take the glass home. Yay! Mr. Fruitheart had ST MGO CHILLER and I had watermelon lemonade.

Mr. Fruitheart raised his hands to the waiter when we finally decide what to eat. And I remembered we had to change the sign to "Stop Forrest Stop" for the waiter to actually stop by our table for anything.

Then we had to changed it to "Run Forrest Run". The tin pail is used to kept the tissue roll, wet tissues and sauces. It is not easy when you have a 15 months old on the table when she was very busy re-arranging all those stuff on the table.

We didn't know that kids eat free here. So I asked the waiter what kids menu they have. He suggested fish and chips which I think baby girl will love it. And yes she loved it.

This is for the birthday man. Shrimper's Heaven - RM45.90

This delicious dish is for me and my baby, Crazy Cajun Chicken - RM 28.90

Overall, Mr. Fruitheart and baby girl were both satisfied. She likes her fish and chips. She even gave some to his daddy.. awwww.

"Say aaaaaaa daddy.."

She loves the watermelon lemonade drinks and had few sips. She's frenzy of watermelon. While I was pregnant with her, I could eat half of the watermelon all to myself which makes my father in law so worried and asked Mr. Fruitheart if it is OK for a pregnant mother to eat watermelon. Of course yes. HEHE.

Absolute Chocolate from Secret Recipe - RM120. It tasted so yummehhhhhhh!

The "young' smile. That was what my sister said.

P/S: Happy birthday dear honey sweetheart.. I love you so much!
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