Monday, 12 August 2013

Taking Loans for Wedding.. What Say You?

In theStar today, one of the news I read was "Worrying trend of Muslim couples taking loans for weddings".

"Kosmo! reported the worrying trend of young Muslim couples being in debt after taking personal banks loans of between RM50,000 to RM85,000 to get married."

Read more here: Worrying trend of Muslim couples taking loans for weddings

RM85K??!! Wow! I could use that as my house down payment. Seriously, do you think it is wise to take up loan nearly 100K for a wedding? No I don't think so. OK, I know we don't know the other person side of the story why he or she took up the loan. But, I know things can be discussed. Right?

It is better if the money use to buy house stuff, like washing machine, sofa, bed or house down payment. During my time, thank God that my dowry wasn't high until it burdened my husband. Plus, we join forces in saving money for our wedding. Mr. Fruitheart did remind me that we are going to live together for the rest our lives and he don't want later we have issue with money. Well, he was right. We don't take any loan for our wedding and we saved a LOT. Thanks to our discipline in saving.

I wish and remind myself not to be "picky-mom" and put high dowry or dream of having lavish and grand ceremony for my children when they want to get married. I know how hard it is to earn money and therefore I don't want them to be in debt when they have their own family.

P/S: Just forget what others will say.. you owned your own wedding. Buat ikut kemampuan sendiri.
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