Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Normal Me vs The Pregnant Me

The Normal Me
Waist - 28
Fit XS shirt
I love my Jimmy Choo's EDT
Can walk like a model
Rub tummy because I am so full
Weight 50KG
Hardly forget stuff
No nap in the afternoon is fine
Wears sweater in the office because it's damn cold
High heels makes me almost the same height as my husband

The Pregnant Me
Waist - 48?
Fit XXL hubby's shirt
I HATE perfume!
I walk like a mama penguin.. Was called "Happy Feet"
Rub tummy to stop the 'baby' from doing kung fu
Weight - up to 65KG
Easily forget stuff even after 10 sec doing it
It's hot! No need to wear sweater even if the temperature is 16'C
Flat shoe is my very best comfort shoe ever invented
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