Monday, 9 September 2013

Finding Helper / Maid Part II

Continuing our story with finding helper.

For your info yes we do searched registered agency here and there. We have been provided with the amount we have to pay and the profile. On one of the day, I stumbled upon an advert Pembantu Asal Jawa while searching for helper.

To be honest, the way the person posted the advert caught my eye and attention. Manis sangat! I sent an email to Few minutes later I received a reply together with profile of candidates and the price. Only RM2800 and of course I got blinded! I keep on telling myself, where would you get RM2800?? All were asking for RM7-12K. Gosh! This is way too cheap. Way way way too cheap. I told Mr. Fruitheart and he called the number provided in the email +6287722261674.

Yes, it was Indonesian mobile number.

The person who answered it was soft spoken and speak Indonesian language. At one point we did asked ourselves again, is this for real? I even did a checked on the Internet by using keyword prt indon and yes there were few comments about it. Hmm.. but I do not why we still proceed. Black magic?

So, on last Monday Mr. Fruitheart transferred RM500 to Robi (the b******-I-hope-die-tragically-and-rot-in-hell) using Western Union. He said, he and the maid will arrived on Thursday at 2.45pm using Air Asia. He even gave us the flight number.

I took leave on Thursday and Friday, just to settled this. Mr. Fruitheart keep on telling me that forget all other stuff about buying furniture for example as he was so anxious in waiting for the maid to arrive. What if she didn't come?

The day came and yes, we were conned! Mr. Fruitheart called the number but no one picked up. He checked the flight schedule and it has already arrived but no one called him. Lucky we didn't wait at the airport. And thank GOD we didn't pay full. It will add more tension and frustration to us. RM500 is considered a lot to them. Nearly 1MIL!

I know it was our mistake, totally. We got blinded. Despite all the news about other people being cheated by agent, runaway maid, cheating legal agent, illegal agent. Now both of us had really learned our lesson.

Now we both are not in a rush to find a helper. So frustrated and angry we just stopped looking, searching and asking. We both decided to send our girl to nursery and have not yet decided about our new baby. If I have to take unpaid leave until we feel the new baby is suitable to be sent to nursery, I'll take it. And if God has planned for me to quit my job and take care of my own children, I will do it.

P/S: Come to think about it and asked yourself, seriously would you pay up to 12K for a maid? No right? Plus, we don't have that amount of money at all.

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