Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Finding Helper / Maid

I thought we would never have to deal with maid and domestic helper issue. Boy I was so wrong. Baby girl's babysitter is unwell and has to go for operation. Her last day with the babysitter was last month. Of course I am sad and so did Makcik Aishah (my friend's mother). She cried when she said.. "Kesian Arissa, nenek tak boleh jaga dah. Nenek sayang Arissa ni. Senang jaga dia. Baik je." (Pity Arissa, grandma is not well to take of you. I love you. It was not hard to take care of you. Such a good girl). Teary eyes.

So me and Mr. Fruitheart have been hunting for helper since last two weeks. I can say it was such a tiring process, the hassle and trouble we've gone thru makes us stress! Of course we've read the news everywhere about runaway maids, the procedure and so on. And now we're experiencing it.

We asked around for contact and some friends suggest us few agencies. Yes, the price is so damn expensive as we know it. We asked for profile and we did shortlisted few candidates. The ultimate stress and tension came when we were supposed to meet the so called maid which schedule to arrived on last Thursday night at 12 in Seremban. At 12 midnight! And no one showed up. Not even an SMS from the agent informing us whether the meeting was cancelled or postponed, not even a SORRY!. We had to trouble ourselves left the office early, rushed home packed our stuff and stucked in traffic jammed. The next day also there were no SMS or called. Frustrating. Terus tawar hati! That's it I said, not going to depend on you anymore.

I also did my research on the Internet. It's like a gambling game, where you're trying your luck in finding a good agency and helper. I SMS this one number and asked for profile. The one that I want was already taken, so I was OK. The next day the same person SMS me back and said he has another candidate. I asked for profile and wanted to interview her. He asked for a booking fee RM800. Err no.. I won't pay single cent. He said, trust him he is not a scammer and said if I am not satisfied with the maid he can give me another candidate or give me back my money. You think I would believe you in giving me back my money? Oh no.. no.. no. I told him, I will need to discuss further with my husband and he said, discuss faster because there are some other employer who also want the maid. Hot stuff gituuuuuuuuuuu.

The story doesn't end there. He kept on SMSing and pushing us to make decisions. Why do you have to be so pushy one? Mr. Fruitheart had called the person also and he kept on pushing and said.. "So confirm?" My husband didn't even finished his questions yet he kept on saying 'So confirm?" Haish! We were frustrated and had told the man, it's OK.. we cancel. He asked me if the reason we cancelled because of the booking fee. I said, no.. we wanted to interview. And he also said, if we can come to his place on the dot and interview but still we have to pay RM800. I said politely, no thank you, it's OK. He then said, his staff can send the maid to our house for interview. Ehh.. I thought the maid was a hot stuff, other employer want her.. hmm.. fishy. So I didn't reply. I thought it should end there. Enough is enough.

P/S: So that is the first episode of our story in finding a helper.
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