Monday, 23 September 2013

Homeschool, Reading and Learning

I had this note in my iPhone for what I need to do the next day. Since I am pregnant, I do need this note.. no I can't paste sticky note on my forehead right? That would be weird.

I found out kiddo had a little bit trouble in creating his own sentences. Usually with his Bahasa Malaysia homework. And he always asked me how to do it and I can see the frustration on his face. I haven't seen how he did it for English. I asked myself, how can I help him? Give him more books to read? Make more sentences? OK, I know this is just an excuse.. due to my current condition, I am not much of a help to keep an eye on his studies. I feel so bad and blame myself for not being a good teacher to my own son.

So I was searching the Internet 'how to read for kids, how to improve your Bahasa Malaysia' and so many other hows. I came across these 2 websites when I searched for phonics techniques and When kiddo was in kindergarten his teacher taught him reading by using this techniques. But, I wouldn't want kiddo to this all over again wouldn't I? He is 9 years old now. I need to buy more short interesting story books to read. And he reads it in front of me or with me. Time.. yeah, that's my main concern. With a toddler and baby coming soon, I really hope I have and will make time for him.

I also came across a mother's blog - mamahomeschool which I find very interesting  Who knows one day I might be homeschooling my own children. I could learn something from her blog and start practise it to baby girl.

P/S: I am in the mood and motivation for homeschooling my children now. Not to mention I want to be tai tai.. mem besar. I wish!