Monday, 9 September 2013

Me and My Third Trimester

Third trimester? That means baby going to come out soon. OK now that makes me scared. "Ala anak dah nak masuk 3, nak takut apa. Orang dah berpengalaman. Sekali teran je dah keluar. Sakit sikit je." Biasa dengar? Hello? Excuse me. Every pregnancy is different. And I am the type of no matter how many times I've gone through it, I AM STILL AFRAID!

I am on my 28 weeks. Today, the babybump application told me this:
Baby Size - 14.8 in chinese cabbage
Baby Weight - 2.25 lb

Feeling Like a Punching Bag?
The little one growing in your belly is getting stronger, and his strength, combined with the increasing size of your uterus, may cause you some pain or discomfort. Your uterus is pressing against your organs, and when your baby occasionally moves, he may bump or poke them, causing you to feel sharp, stabbing pains or pressure under your ribs. This pain, although unpleasant, is not uncommon. The best treatment is to lie down or switch positions until baby is down for the count, and you’ll both be able to rest comfortably again.

How am I suppose to lie down when I'm the office baby? You know, I feel so heavy and huge like a polar bear. I wish I just can roll myself going everywhere. Whenever I walked, I feel pain in my pelvis area. When you moved, whoaa.. you REALLY MOVED. Daddy knows very well because if he is nearby, I would grab his wrist and press it hard trying to reduce the pain. It's like.. "Can you feel how I feel?"

P/S: When you sit you feel uneasy, when you lie down you have to slowly get up. Hold on Fara.. 82 more days to go. You can do it!

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