Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Open Letter to My Little Baby Girl

Dear baby,

Hello my precious! Ahh.. as always I don't know where to start. Looks like I have a lot to say this time. Or maybe not.

According to the babybump and my pregnancy calendar, you're 34 weeks old. Another 38 more days to go until I see you face to face. Are you excited to see mummy?

Let me tell you that you already have a big brother and sister. So you going to be the last. Bongsu! Yeah, I've told your daddy I am tired and production need to stop. Taking care of four people is sure one hard job and tiring. Plus, you know mummy has to work to help daddy support our family. I really hope and pray that someday your daddy will become a CEO of his own company so mummy can be tai tai, full time house wife with 2 helper and a driver. Oh yes, it's going to be so much fun.. FOR ME!

During my last checkup, your weight is 2.5KG. My weight is 63! Before I forget, I apologise for not giving much attention to you during my pregnancy this time. I hardly massage my tummy, like I did with your sister. But you need to know that no matter what I love so much with all my heart.

Being pregnant to you, I love to eat a lot of western cuisine. Spaghetti, nachos, mashed potato and there's one time I feel like eating Burrito and tortilla. No baby, we do not have any Mexican blood in our family. And of course daddy went all out looking for it. Although it doesn't came from Mexico, at least I've tasted it.

Oh and not forgetting the back ache, groin pains, walks like penguin and huge like a bear.. yes that's what mama had gone through with all 3 pregnancies. I'll show you the stretch mark you and your siblings left me.

And one more thing baby, could you please help mummy to move your head down? If not I would need to go for a c-section to get you out. And I don't want that to happen because I wish for a normal delivery. Pretty please baby? I know you can do this for mummy.

I'll write again soon. I love you so much my little sweet baby.

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