Tuesday, 8 October 2013

As A Mother.. I am Sad

Yesterday I read about the six siblings who were left behind all by themselves in their house by their own parents. The eldest is 9 years old and youngest is 7 months.

How can a mother be so cruel to their own children? Leaving them all alone, nothing to eat and worse leaving a 7 month old baby that knows nothing! I feel so sad reading the news. You have issues with your partner and your children have to pay the price? Crazy and sickening!

If you don't want them, don't know how to care of your own children and feel they are just a burden for you, give them to someone else who wants a child so bad. There are people out there who have tried so hard and tried for so many years to have a baby but not successful. I am pretty sure they are willing to adopt your children.

I am a mother myself. I know how hard it is to get pregnant and being pregnant. I know how painful it is during delivery time. And later, how hard it is to raise a child. Nothing is easy in this world.

I hope all of them will be OK and it is good to know that some of their neighbours are there to help looking after the children.

Here is the link if you want to read further: Enam Beradik Kelaparan Ditinggal Ibu Bapa, Paling Bongsu ‘Tinggal Nyawa Ikan’

P/S: A lot of news about babies and children lately.. rape, abuse, abandoned and the list goes on. What's wrong with some people?? :(

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