Monday, 7 October 2013

One Week With The New Helper

One week has passed. We are OK with the helper so far, except for baby girl who still doesn't like her. She still cry when we handed her over for a bath or changed diaper. She also doesn't want the helper to hold her hands while walking.

The worse part? Baby girl pushed her hands away and even pinched her. *sigh* I don't want my daughter to be a bully. We always remind her, told her to be nice.. no hitting, pinching what so ever. She raised her hands and showed us the no no sign. Well, she seems to understand what we told her. But, she's still doing it. My 17 old months baby.

Regarding house chores, hmmm.. so-so. I didn't expect her to do exactly like I do. We have our own way of doing things right? I just told her what to do, how to use the electrical stuff and all. Before she came, we only did our house cleaning on Saturday. And she will need to do the same too.

I told myself, I need to let go some of the house chores. That's what we hired her for. I need to remind myself that I have to let go of the burden a little bit. Take care of myself during this last two months of pregnancy. After baby is born, I can concentrate on my task again.

I feel uneasy living in our own house because we had a maid. A stranger that we just knew and had no relationship with us. Just a feeling Fara, just a feeling.. You'll be OK with it soon.

P/S: Trying to be positive.

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