Monday, 7 October 2013

So-Called Romantic Dinner at Las Vacas

We had our 3rd year anniversary dinner at Las Vacas, Jln. Yap Kwan Seng. I was supposed to upload this entry on the 25th September, but I was so busy with myself and totally forgot about it.
Early morning, I got a smooch (Ewww.. my little sister would reply that for sure) from Mr. Fruitheart. On our way to work, he asked me what would we do? I said let's have dinner. As usual, I am the one who need to choose the place. And 'mana-mana pun boleh' is hard to find he said. Bluek!

I remembered one time Mr. Fruitheart wanted to try out the food at Las Vacas. So we went there and lucky it was near to the office. No need to travel far outside KL. Only to Jln. Yap Kwan Seng.

There were no other customers when we reached Las Vacas. It was early for dinner, at 6. Below were the foods we ordered:

Beef Wraps. Delicious!

It was my first time. I don't remember what I ordered for me and Mr. Fruitheart. I think I ordered wrong dish because it was so-so, OK only. Not something I looked forward to visit next time. Me not the beef-steak person. HEHE. Unike Chilis, everytime we go there I feel excited!

I did read all review about this place, and lots of people love it. It is just not my type of food. However, I would recommend the Beef Wraps, it's delicious!

P/S: Nancos FTW!

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