Wednesday, 2 October 2013

So I Have a Helper Now, What's Next?

Last Monday Mr. Fruitheart received whatsapp text from his brother saying that there were 4 maids available from the agent. He asked me how? I was 50-50 and asked him back how about him? Knowing him too well, he said we need to decide now and he would want me to say YES or NO. I said.. go ahead.

Tired of people asking, don't you want a maid? Have you found one yet? Who will take care of your children later when both of you went to work? Is nursery safe? Have you really thought about it seriously? The last question is when I replied to them.. I'll quit my job.

We chose the helper aged 35 which the first picture the agent forwarded to Mr. Fruitheart. Chubby lady with experienced working in the Saudi for almost 9 years. She had 3 children of her own and the eldest is 18 years old. She's married at the age of 15. We went to Malacca straight from KL on the same day to settled all registration and permit and so on because Monday is the last day we were supposed to submit before the new rules. I didn't pay attention of the rules though. (That's what happened when you are not doing something whole hearted). Buat endah tak endah, sambil lewa.

First impression, she was OK. Looks friendly. We were hoping baby girl would be OK with her. Today is her second day and NO baby girl doesn't want the helper to hold her. Plus, she had sudden viral fever on Monday evening which made her even cranky and wanted to be with me. Yesterday I've been holding her almost all the time. I hurt my back, hips and pelvis area so bad and I know it's not good for my pregnancy. I hate to see her cry which make me cry along with her. And I feel bad for ignoring my baby inside me. Forgive me baby. :(

Today I went to work with a heavy heart. She cried when Mr. Fruitheart passed her to the helper. She took out her hands and was hoping her daddy would take her back. I wonder.. is there something wrong with the helper? Is she that scary? Is there a ghost inside her? Is she carrying an unseen creature with her?


P/S: I am sad. If a man smoke when they're stress, what about woman? Called my MIL and she told me baby girl was asleep but still cry whenever the helper hold her.

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