Thursday, 10 October 2013

Sometimes You Just Can't Say No.. Pancake

I love my children. So much. My eldest who is 9 years old.. well.. sometimes he would love to test my patience towards him. Which child doesn't right?

Few days ago, he had asked me to make him some pancakes for breakfast. I did once few months back. I woke up at 5am! But now it is not that easy for me to wake up at 5am and prepare breakfast. I am still sleepy, tired and it is hard for me to wake up from bed. It took me almost 10 minutes to finally stand up. I am so heavy.

Today morning, I was in the kitchen washing baby girl's bottle and he came along with his little sister. I saw him opened the cupboard and took out the flour and milk. He looked at me and said, 'Mama, I help you make pancake OK?'


Mother and son enjoying pancakes
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I smile and said OK. He is the happy child again.

P/S: Trying not to disappoint my children. After all, it was something easy he asked me to do.
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