Friday, 22 November 2013

Nur Rania Azzalea

Yeah, finally I have the time to update after so long.

I have safely delivered a baby girl weight 3.13KG last week on 15th November 2013 via Cesarean section. I wish for a normal delivery however I had full breech. Baby's head up and her buttocks down.

OK, I was so scared to go for the operation. Who doesn't right? I even confessed in front of the doctor. I asked how long will it take, how long will I recover.. how this and how that. What if the baby then turned down and will I still be having to go the operation? Oh so many questions. The Doc answered everything and ends with a smile. Yeah, he knew that I was so scared.

"Everything will be alright." He keeps on telling me that.

On Thursday 14th Nov, I checked in to the hospital and since there were no standard single room, I got the VIP room. Wohoo! It has a room inside the room. Hehe. So that night Mr. Fruitheart was there accompanying me. My other two children stayed with my in laws. Thank God both were well behaved. I know they are going to be alright and taken care.

On Friday morning, around 10.30am I was pushed to operation room. Dr. Faridah who is the expert anaesthetic was already there waiting for me. She gave a shot on the back. Ouch! And after that I can't feel half of my body. Doc Jaafar came soon after that and the operation started at 11am. All I can hear was my heart beat, the 'ting, tang' and their voices. Mr. Fruitheart was there near me. Doc Faridah came to me and told me that Doc going to take out the baby.

I do feel something was taken out from my tummy. After a minute I heard my baby cried. Thank you Allah! I cried. I didn't stopped reciting Ayat Kursi from the start till they put my baby on top of my chest. I cried. Happy that's it over, happy to see my beautiful daughter and happy that all went well. I told myself, now that wasn't so bad wasn't it. Err..

So it's the time to put back everything together. I was there almost an hour. What took it so long? While waiting, I started thinking about the pain I'm going to feel after the operation. I know I cannot walk fast. Hehe. I was discharged on Sunday.

We named our new bundle of joy.. Nur Rania Azzalea. (Cahaya, Kesukaan Kesenangan, Kekal Abadi)

P/S: I will definitely have a story to tell my children how they were born.

Friday, 1 November 2013

C-Section.. I Don't Wish For

I had my usual antenatal checkup today. I was nervous and anxious to know if my baby's head has turn down. Last two weeks checkup the baby's head is still up.

Doc asked me the same question if my baby moved or if I had any pain. Yes Doc! Definitely I had all that. I can't have proper sleep now. I walked even slower and it took me almost 15 mins to wake up from bed.

So the Doc started the 'scanning'.

"Songsang. Baby's head is still up."

And there was an uncomfortable look on my face.

"There is a slim chance for it to move down. We shall see how it goes in week 37-38."

"You mean the baby still can move position?"

"Slightly. There's not much space to move." And he smiled.

I can't think properly after that. My heart sank. My mind was full with 'C-SEC'.

Doc gave me hope. He told me to come for the next checkup next week and see how the baby's position. If I were to go for a C-SEC, it could be on 18-19 Nov.

P/S: Baby oh baby please..move your head down. You can do it! For mama please.

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