Thursday, 19 December 2013

In My Purse

I was cleaning my purse the other day. Full of receipts. No wonder my purse is so heavy. Sadly no cash.

There's a slot where I put pictures. It can only have two pictures size of a passport. So yeah Mr. Fruitheart and kiddo picture only. I may need a new purse to include another two girls.

P/S: I feel like buying a new bag. Storksak! Hehe.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

That's Life

I'm still in my confinement period, sitting in front of the TV on the sofa while typing this. Somehow I tell myself I really need to let this out. It is best to type rather than telling this face to face to someone. I might cry, like I always did.

I am doing my best to adapt having a helper, and accepting a stranger into our family is one huge decision. I'm not used to having a helper. Plus,  I don't like the way she did her work. Although she told us she had 9 years of experience working, it doesn't show. It is better I do it myself. So fussy.
Another thing, after having my new baby I feel that I must take care my own children myself. I don't want to work anymore. It doesn't sound fun at all. Yes, I do realized I have a good job, good pay and with that too I helped pay the bills as well.
Can't I have it all at once? A job while my children are being taken care by me?
P/S: Freelance work at home..go find one!

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A Month Has Passed

Life as a mother has never been free and easy when there's a newborn. Less sleep and tired is normal to me. I also need to look after a toddler, the big boy and my other half too. Supermommy!

Today baby turned 1 month old. Alhamdulillah so far she is easy to handle. Wakes up average 3 times at night for feeding. Yes she sleeps most of the time during this age. She cries when she wants milk, sleep and cuddle. Oh yeah, she loves to be hug a lot! Hehe.