Sunday, 15 December 2013

That's Life

I'm still in my confinement period, sitting in front of the TV on the sofa while typing this. Somehow I tell myself I really need to let this out. It is best to type rather than telling this face to face to someone. I might cry, like I always did.

I am doing my best to adapt having a helper, and accepting a stranger into our family is one huge decision. I'm not used to having a helper. Plus,  I don't like the way she did her work. Although she told us she had 9 years of experience working, it doesn't show. It is better I do it myself. So fussy.
Another thing, after having my new baby I feel that I must take care my own children myself. I don't want to work anymore. It doesn't sound fun at all. Yes, I do realized I have a good job, good pay and with that too I helped pay the bills as well.
Can't I have it all at once? A job while my children are being taken care by me?
P/S: Freelance work at home..go find one!

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