Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year at Home

The first day of 2014 nearly coming to an end. How was your day? I hope you had a great day today.
Last night, while everyone else was celebrating the new year watching fireworks, Mr. Fruitheart and I watched "Prisoners". I slept half way though. Mommy need a good sleep.
Early morning I cooked fried rice for breakfast. After that, my tasks begin. Started to prepare all the ingredients for my once 2 week cooking. Phew! A lot. Well I am enjoying cooking. Surprised? Maybe it's the age factor.
We had nasi lemak with sambal sotong for lunch. Yummy! Yes my cooking was thaaaaattttt good.
You know what? Seeing your loved one enjoyed your cooking and finished it all makes you happy. At least I know I do. Kalau tak makan pun tak apa, kenyang bila tengok mereka makan. Gituuuu.
P/S: I'm a happy wife and mother.

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