Sunday, 26 January 2014

Our House.. One Year After

We've stayed in our own house for a year now. For the record, we are still using our first gas cylinders until today. How cool is that?

The girls room now is occupied by our helper. Both of them sleep with us, baby girl in the baby cot and her sister in between me and Mr. Fruitheart. So packed! Maybe next year they could sleep in their own room. I've already planned and listed what to have in their room. I can imagine it too!

Kiddo has his own room. He always keep his door opened at night and I think when he's 13 only he will close the door when he's sleeping. There will be 'NO ENTRY' sign on the door like the one I saw in all those drama/movie.

The management is still in the progress of building a squash court. We already have a tennis court near the guard post and small playground beside it. Open air swimming pool facing the greenery trees and close pool under the building. I've never bring my kids there. A bit scary because we had to go down the stairs and there were no people. And of course not forgetting the gym which I never set my foot there.

So far, I'm loving my small house. Nice and cosy enough for the 5 of us. We planned to buy our next house, landed ones in 10 years time. Hoping the price will not be too high.

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P/S: There are still few decorations we need to do to our house. Slowly.
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