Monday, 20 January 2014

She's Back To Work


Deep down inside my heart, I am not ready to step into the office. I do not miss my place. I will miss my children more. Sobs. Sobs.  Stop being such a drama queen Fara! You know you HAVE to. Or else Mr. Fruitheart will have to carry me to the office which I know he will not do.

So.. to start my first day, I'm all new. Meaning new tudung, clothes, shoes. Ahh.. the shoes that bite. I should bite them back huh?

When my colleagues saw me the first question was 'How was your baby?' I expected it and had prepared the script. And the next hot statement, 'Wah, so fast you get back into shape.' Well, they haven't seen the extra grandma fat, baby fat yet. Oh not to forget the tummy. I told them, I do sit ups.

Next thing, my monitor gave me 'spark' like it was shocked to see me. I guess it doesn't miss me because it had 'died'. I had to request for a new monitor. 19 inch. That is going to be a gift from me to my boss on my first day.

Next, at this time.. 14:10pm I am wondering how my girls and boy are doing. Kiddo is a bit unwell. I hope he is not down with fever. I keep on staring at the clock wishing it will change to 6pm. *sigh* I'm homesick..

P/S: Counting days until 31.12.2014. *wink*
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