Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Forgetful Mother

I didn't know this word exists - mumnesia. It's getting worse day by day. I feel like having one hard slap on the face for forgetting things. Like this morning, I forgot (totally) baby girl bottle. While on our way to my MIL's I have the feeling I forgot something. But, I didn't bother to check until we reached my MIL's house.


I blame myself and yes of course I am stressed! I only have 1 bottle. And that one bottle I forgot to bring along. I am a bad forgetful mother. :( It's too far if we want to go back. So I had asked my SIL if I can borrow his son's bottle. He has plenty of it. Like 5! Why can't you have 5 for both your girls Fara??!!

It's frustrating to have this mumnesia. There are times I can't even recall why I went to the kitchen. Yes, it's THAT bad.

"The key factors which cause the memory failures, including hormonal changes, tiredness, and the stress of having to look after a new child." -- That is SO TRUE.

Should I be worry about it? I found on the internet they say it will basically go away after few months. Seriously? Another thing I found out --

"Fatigue is a killer issue for memory," said MIT neuroscience professor John Gabrieli.

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Read more here: Forgetfulness is a normal part of motherhood

P/S: I need to relax and keep calm. I can't handle a lot these days. Sadly.
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