Monday, 24 February 2014

Maybe It's Time To Explode

It has been nearly 4 months since the helper stayed with us. Honestly, I regret taking her. Totally. I thought it would solved our issue on who's going to take care of our daughters when we are at work. Turns out, we had unnecessary stress with this helper.

I am so angry this morning when my MIL told Mr. Fruitheart that my girls milk powder almost empty. She said she had reminded the helper to bring some on Monday. And SHE FORGETS! And we had to trouble my FIL to buy the milk. I know it's our job to check FOR EVERYTHING and NOT TO RELY 100% on her, but what's the USE OF HAVING A HELPER WHEN SHE ALSO FORGETS?!

It is not only we had to deal with her forgetfulness. She doesn't know how to do house chores in proper. Too noisy! After so many times telling her how to hang the clothes, she still do as she likes. Yes, I know some of you would say.. if you complaint too much you do yourself la. If it is not because of my children, she wouldn't be here in Malaysia working! Arghhhhhhhhhh...

I am so angry and pissed at myself until I cry. I wish she would run away and never came back. I wish I had NOT chose her at all. I wish we never take her at the first place. Ahh.. so many wishes that is not making any difference now. I want October to come fast so I can send my resignation letter. Why wait? You can just quit now Fara.

P/S: Letting go and let the anger out.

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