Monday, 10 February 2014

TAWC - Back to Cooking

You know how fast my weekend go? Left the office Friday evening, one blink of the eye and here I am in the office again. Pfftt! That was what happened when your weekend schedule is full of activities. And I had started back my once/twice a week cooking.

This week I cooked chicken tomyam (3 packs), beef paprik (2 packs) and chicken vandiloo (4 packs). No veggies which I know it's not a complete meal. I can buy some from the shop during lunch time. Oh.. I forgot to take pictures when I cooked using my new 'pemanggang ajaib Are-Ikan' which I bought a month ago. I cooked rendang for 20 minutes. Bravo!

Chicken tomyam
Beef paprik

Chicken vandiloo

All the meals I cooked is enough for about 2 weeks. Yay me! In case Mr. Fruitheart, kiddo and girl are bored with my cooking.. we can eat at my MIL's or Warung Cherry (near our house). Hehe.

P/S: Yes I am tired cooking all at once but I enjoy it.
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