Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Remembering Those Days In Labour

My baby girl soon going to be 3 months old. I still remember the first time she was placed on my chest. She was white! And she was crying with her eyes closed. Again, love at the first sight.

You know how many times a woman fell in love at first sight? 3! Because I have 3 babies. Hehe.

To date I have to admit that I am still learning to embrace this change in my body. After 3 pregnancies, I am from XS to M. I even wore an L size shirt! Every time I looked or touched my c-sect scar, I visualised how beautiful my daughter's smile. Yes, she has the most beautiful smile a baby could have.

Doctor told me it would be around 6 weeks to recover. Frankly speaking, I am still recovering from this psychological impact of it. No, the doctor didn't tell me that. There's one time I felt so helpless and stressed out as if I were suffering from postpartum depression.

Yes, it takes time for the hormones to stabilised. Always, blame the hormone.

P/S: Whatever are the complaints, rants and rave.. I thank God that I can still take care my children with the best I can. Always try to be a better mother everyday. I am forever learning.
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