Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Sleepless in KL

I do not know how many times I yawned this morning. It was not even half of the day. I'm tired. Baby girl woke me up at 4.30am and she started smiling and talking. I know by the time I'm ready for work, she will fall asleep. And her excitement sounds woke up her big sister. Double the noise left and right.

I'm losing my sleep over kids and work.

On our way to work, oh we drove to work today. Normally we took the LRT train to avoid stuck in traffic for hours. But my understanding husband decided to drive so his wife can have a nap. Hehe. I told him, I know why baby girl woke up early. So I can spend time with her. If I count it correctly, we only spent time with our children 4 hours a day. It's not enough. There's no quality time when both of us are tired and in our mind we think about how comfy our bed and nice to be in lala land.

He agreed on that. So I must not complain huh? Hehe. Enjoy your sleepless nights Fara, you'll miss it when your kids all grown up. Because that's what kiddo told me last night before he went to sleep.. "Mama, when I'm 12 you don't have to wait for me to go to bed. I'll sleep by myself because I am a big boy."


P/S: They grow up so fast when we are busy with other things.
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