Thursday, 13 February 2014

Struggling with Bullying

It happened again.

The first time when it happened, he was 7 years old. My son, is being bullied in school. I am so sad, angry and frustrated. I wish I was there when the tragedy happened. His money was taken from him, by another big fat bully! Just because he has big figure he can easily bully other students who are smaller than him. My son was unwell when it happened. He was asked to sit on the sofa near the corridor where normally they put unwell students.

At first we didn't know but when he told us he was hungry I would ask him what he bought during recess. He spent about RM3 to buy food and drink. So there would be another RM5 for him to spent during co-curriculum in the afternoon.

When it was time for a break, he said his wallet is empty. I asked him again, how come it is empty? Where did all his money gone? He kept quiet. Knowing my son, he's the type who is afraid to talk to us what actually happen until we pushed him to us tell the truth.

He told us a boy took his wallet from his pocket when he sat on the sofa. We asked him why didn't he stopped the boy. He kept quiet again. We asked him again and again. Did he recognised the boy. How he looked like. Did he said anything else. He said he couldn't remember and do not know the boy. Mr. Fruitheart got angry and said if he catch that boy he would punch him. Gulp!

So this morning we went to see the teacher and told her about it. She was not surprised as there were few cases as well and it happened every year. There will always be a student who is being bullied by other students. She thanked us for reporting the matter and will look into the issue. Yes, she said it is serious. Of course. I do not want it to happen again and I do not want my son to be afraid to go to school.

It was only yesterday I tweeted about this bully case where I read in the Star, a boy killed himself because he was being bullied in school. The boy was only 13 years old! :( There was another case also, a boy cut his wrist because a friend cut the back of his hair. Sheesh!

I know this bully will be anywhere and everywhere. Not just in school, in the neighbourhood and even in the office. As much as I hate it, it happened to my son. Bullying is a serious act that can scar people for life. True!

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P/S: I pray hard for my children safety no matter where they are and hope nothing bad happen to them when I am not around.
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