Thursday, 27 March 2014

Grandparents and Grandchildren

It's the TIME again. School holidays. It is only a week school holiday and almost coming to an end. On last Saturday, my father called me and asked when will his grandchildren come home.

You see, long time ago he would've asked me when I will come home. But now he only asked when his GRANDCHILDREN coming home. Do you sense any jealousy there? No right?

Looking back to old memories, I enjoyed everytime we visited our grandparents. Plus, I was the first grandchild on my mother's side. All the attention to me. I was spoiled by my grandparents on my father's side too because my father is the youngest. I always followed my grandparents everytime they went back to Kuala Kangsar. And I always get what I want. See how the evil, spoilt grandchild laugh came out? Unbelievable.

So now when it came to 'spoiling' my children with everything by their grandparents.. emm.. well.. I would say, NO NEED. NO THANK YOU. My father loves to spoil his grandchildren. No longer spoiling me and my other siblings. Kena marah lagi adalah. The attention has diverted to the little-size-boy-and-girls-who-depending-on-mommy-and-wearing diaper.

"Atuk nyumnyum".
"Atuk let's go the shop. I'm hungry."
Atuk, there's a new Lego I like. Later when you give me money for Hari Raya, can I buy it using that money?"
"Yay! Atuk came back."
"Atuk, can I follow?"

Atuk here and atuk there. Everywhere atuk tuk tuk.

I can see the happy wide smile on my parents face when they hear their grandchildren voice. And the 'gedik-gedik' grandchildren expression when their grandparents entertain them. Enjoy the moment while they're still alive. Thank you GOD for giving them the opportunity to spend quality time with their beloved grandparents.

The only enemy grandparents and grandchildren has is the parents.

P/S: I missed my grandparents. May their soul rest in peace.

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