Monday, 17 March 2014

Left Something For The Kids

The other day, my little brother which is not that little (26 year old man!) tweeted me this:

Life Hacks@ omglifehacks: When your kids are born, reserve them a good e-mail address. send them pictures, notes, etc. Give to them when 18.

I find it interesting. I have accounts in FB, twitter, Instagram, tumblr, Google+.. that's all? If there are other than that, I do not remember. I've closed down my Friendster years ago when FB was a hit. So now I'm thinking, should I create an email account for my 3 children? Or FB, twitter and IG accounts like some other parents did for theirs?

I had posted their stories on my blog, shared their picture on Twitter and Instagram. They even have special folder on my FB for their photos. Maybe I should post their daily activities to their emails so they can read when they are 18. Now that's an idea.

P/S: I hope I have the time even for 5 minutes to post.

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