Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Lunch by Agoodmaid

I don't know about everyone else but I always have this issue where and what to have for lunch. Ampang Park is the nearest mall to my office. Don't have much choices there.

There is a food court in the office building and I only went there if I am too lazy to walk to Ampang Park. Other options are Subway which I went every Wednesday because meatball is sub-of-the-day. Dome, San Francisco Coffee, Beast, Porto Romano and others.

Yesterday I decided to try out the food service provided by Agoodmaid. I saw a friend posted it on her IG few months back. I had followed the account since then. Yeah, when it comes to good food.. there's no need to wait. Hehe.

So I had grilled chicken for lunch today. One whole leg with baked macaroni, potato-tomato with mayo as side dishes and a can drink. I am full! Alhamdulillah. I also ordered beef and chicken lasagna one each, two baked macaroni. The lasagna and chicken grilled is RM15 each while baked macaroni is RM12. What else? It was delivered to my office, not to my cubical lah.. with NO delivery charges. How good is that? Oh, there is a minimum order. My area she calculated RM50. You may want to check with her the minimum order first before you place your order.

With good food, good service.. Yes I am a happy customer and will definitely order again. Thank you so much Zura!


P/S: The owner is a lady name Zura. If you want to order, you may follow her IG account.

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