Monday, 3 March 2014

Open Letter to My Second Daughter Who Will (One day) Have a Boyfriend

Dear Arissa,

You are going to be 2 year old in 2 months time. How time flies. You sure are one clever, smart, loving and not to mention sometimes cheeky and feisty. You have shown me and daddy how to be responsible to your little sister.

However, there are times where you want all the attention from both of us. You know what sweetie, you need to learn what is sharing. You have a big brother and little sister who needs the attention, tender and loving care from us too. I know, you are still young to understand but we need to teach you from now.

You have grown so much to become a very lovable girl. Everyone loves you. You captured others heart and attention with your intelligence and cuteness. You also fast in picking up words which we as adults need to mind our language.

At this age too you know how to do things on your own, or sometimes you INSIST to do it by yourself. You know where to throw the rubbish, where to put dirty clothes, how to wear your own clothes and clean the table. I can see that you want to do what your big brother do. As if you wanted to tell us, "Why abang can do and I can't? I want to do it too."

You also like to do exactly like what we did. You want to tagged the door, opened the grill and even swim in the adults pool! But first you need to learn how to swim. I do not want you to drown. You do know which are your belongings, your little sister's and brother's stuff. But sometimes, you being cheeky.. took away and run. It's OK, it's natural and I told myself it is one of your development.

Now, your most favorite is "Raaaaaniaaaaa.. chak!" It is the way you play with your little sister.

I know it is still early to say this.. but one day you will have a boyfriend. Or not. You might marry someone your daddy has chosen. That could happen, because your daddy will be the one who protect you, your little sister and brother. He will be the one who approves and rejects. He will be your 'wali' insyallah. And for that sweetie, I pray and hope you WILL NOT EVER hide from us who you went out with and who your friends are. Your dad joked about this to me the other day, "I might follow our daughter when she goes on a date. 50 meter far."

That COULD happen. Not just you, but to your other siblings as well.

P/S: Next letter for the little sister.. or might be the big brother.

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