Friday, 28 March 2014

#RememberingMH370 24th March 2014

Sticky post until 28.03.14 Friday.

It is a sad, sad day today. I didn't watched the news on TV last night when Malaysia's Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had a press conference about the flight MH370.

I just knew about it this morning. Mr. Fruitheart told me, PM announced the plane went down into the Indian Ocean.

"Ended it's journey".. a heartbreaking word.

I read on the news, the search is still going on. I do not know how DEEP the Indian Ocean is until I looked at the picture someone posted on twitter. Damn deep! They said it is a tough, rough ocean and the weather is also not good.. making it hard to find the plane wreckage.


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And also not forgetting, THANK YOU to the authorities and people who have helped and put in every effort in finding the plane. You've done a great job.

My heart goes out to all the family and friends of those on board, passengers and cabin crew of flight MH370. Stay strong. Al-FATIHAH and deepest condolences.

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P/S: #RememberingMH370, #RIPMH370. Goodnight MH370.

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