Monday, 31 March 2014

Siblings Rivalry

It is common for brothers and sisters to fight. Yes we all know that. I was a kid too and now I am a mother, I fully understand the headache my mother had when I was young. Taking care 6 children is not easy.

Last week Wednesday, I had to work from home because my sister went for an interview. I know I will have a little bit of hard time handling 3 children while doing office work. I have done my house chores earlier, so I just need to look after my toddler and baby. I asked kiddo to look after his sisters while I'm doing my work. He did.

There was no problem at first until my girl saw his brother playing with his iPad. Thank you Apple, you ruined everything. She wants to get hold of the iPad as well so she took it away and played the game his brother was playing - Clash of the Clan. When her brother took out his Lego, she wants that too. And not long after that.. they were screaming at each other and both were crying. One went to the room, closed the door. One was waiting outside, knocking the door while crying out loud. I let them be like that for about sometime. I wanted to see who will give in.

I understand my girl is at the stage where she wants everything to herself and do everything on her own. She wants to do almost everything her brother did too. Usually, there will be yelling and crying before I took over or someone finally give in.

It is so frustrating to watch and hear my children fight with one another. I keep on telling myself, patience Fara. I can't even concentrate with my work so I logged off early. While entertaining my little baby who didn't know what happened to her siblings, I took the iPad away and hide it. There! I almost throw the TV remote control to them. Surprisingly, I don't even yell like I used to. However, I can feel my face becoming hot. I tried controlling myself NOT to do whatever the devil said to do. Syaitan kan memang suka orang marah-marah.

Thank you God for granting me sanity and giving me strength not to do things I regret.

When I sat with them, they're no longer fighting. I told myself, it's a sign. They don't want mommy to do her office work while babysitting. In future, I couldn't work while watching them. As a matter of fact, another 8 months to go. Hold on Fara.

P/S: Family first.

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