Monday, 7 April 2014

Dinner Party on Weekend

My in laws came for a visit on last weekend. I cooked curry mee and had nachos for appetiser. Sangat tak kena kan?? I do not know what to serve them.

But.. I was so happy that all my food finished! Yes it was that good. My mother in law said I can do catering after this. Err.. will consider.

I made curry mee ala nyonya. Unfortunately, I don't have the chance taking any pictures of my curry mee. Oh well, there's always some other time. I have my nachos picture.

This too.. finished! Food were good and I was asked to do it again and invite them. Oh I found a nachos recipe that using only 2 ingredients: tortilla chips and cheese.

My nachos recipe was from this website:

P/S: I am getting better.

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