Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Happy 5 Months Old Baby

Today my baby girl Rania is 5 months old.

She just recovered from fever and measles. Doc said it was roseola measles. No wonder she was all cranky, irritable and looks tired for few days. See the happy face? Ahh.. so lovely. She is 6.5KG now. Very healthy and chubby. My little Michelin baby.
At this age, she would get excited whenever we are around. She would want us to pick her up and she showed me that she is another daddy's daughter. She will laugh whenever her brother and sister played with her, tickle her on the tummy. She loves to make those bubbles sound with her mouth and would put all her fingers inside too.
One thing I know, she loves her blanket just like her big brother. Smelly blankie!
P/S: Mama hope you have the good health and be a good girl.

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