Friday, 18 April 2014

Missing Single Life

What do you missed about your single life? Are your single life better than after you're in a relationship?

I was scrolling my FB news feed the other day when I saw my BFF posted this.. I miss my single life. No matter if I'm happy or sad, I'm on my own.. no heartache. There were lots of comment asking her what went wrong. Not forgetting advices from friends as well.

Single life. What I remember about it was the freedom I had to go anywhere without worrying someone except my parents. The whenever me time or sleep late at night and wake up late. The time spent with friends laughing and doing crazy stuff.

Ahh.. those were memories. Life is great and it gets better each day. Having a responsible, loving, handsome husband and 3 children of my own who loves their mother so much. What more can I ask? Except for good health and high patience everyday.

Thank you God for everything in my life.

P/S: There are times I wish I can turn back and do better.


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