Wednesday, 9 April 2014


I am thankful.. syukur alhamdulillah, all of us including you who are reading this still breathing and alive. Did you count your blessings everyday? You should, always.

Yesterday morning, Mr. Fruitheart slipped and fell on the bathroom floor. It was around 6.15am. I was in the kitchen preparing breakfast when my sister told me my husband fell. I heard a loud 'thump', and I thought it was his phone or something else fallen.

I panicked and rushed to my room. I opened the bathroom door and saw him already laying on the floor. Lucky the door was not locked. I covered his body with towels, and tried to lift him. I couldn't. He was in real pain and said he could not get up. He told me his ribs might be broken. Both my son and daughter were there crying beside their daddy. Doubled my panic and God I was in shocked, I couldn't think properly. I put towels below his head and grabbed my phone, called my mother in law. I told her what has happened and asked if my BIL could come.

After few minutes, I called the KPJ Damansara emergency phone number. I do not know why I couldn't think of this number: 999. I was panicked. The staff nurse had called the ambulance on my behalf. Both my BIL came and waited for the ambulance who came after half and hour waiting.

I registered and waited for the doc to examine Mr. Fruitheart. Ouh, I hate waiting. He was given a jab to lessen the pain. We have to wait until 8.30am for x-ray. MY BIL were also at the ER waiting. At 10am doc came and told us no broken bones only fractured rib. Nothing serious. I was worried it could be his back bone, shoulder, chest or could be his hips that broken. Thank God, alhamdulillah nothing serious. He was given sick leave and was asked to rest at home.

So here I am, the nurse for the rest of the week.

Knowing my panic attacked, I called my father and I even called my insurance agent, Uncle Khoo. Well, I thought he was going to be admitted. So I needed someone from the insurance. Thinking in advance. My family came on the day and my in laws came to visit today. After this, we need to be extra careful in the bathroom and I need to ensure the floor is clean and clear from soap and water.

P/S: Patience. I was given the very high patience with waiting and in handling my children. What a week.

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