Thursday, 29 May 2014

Family Vacation 2014 - Legoland Day 1

Mid term school holiday this year started on Wednesday 28th, a day after kiddo's birthday. We had planned since early of the year to have fun in Legoland. Been saving a lot too. HEHE.

The Legoland hotel had opened it's door and we booked the Pirated Theme room. The most excited person is of course our birthday boy. Who doesn't? Even mama is excited.

We left KL at 10.30am and reached Nusajaya at around 2. First time travelling in a car for 4 hours with a baby and toddler is CHALLENGING. My baby wants her daddy to put her to sleep, while my toddler kept on moving from front to back. Although we had put her in her car seat, after 1 hour she won't sit still. I had M&Ms to keep her busy for a while. She slept 1 hour before we reached the hotel.

Scorching hot

There were lego bricks in the lobby for children to play while waiting for parents to check in/out. Brilliant idea. There is a toy shop too. Kiddo was super excited and told me what he wants. Yeah, kids.

After checked in, we settled down for half hour and had lunch at Johor Restaurant Medini Mall. Food was a OK. Then we went to the hotel's 5th floor where the swimming pool located. It is not huge, just nice for guests to chill out.

It started to rain in the evening. As we were all tired to go out, Mr. Fruitheart went to Medini Mall again and bought chicken rice from The Chicken Rice Shop.
The Pirated Theme room is very nice. Separate room for a nice king size bed and double decker bed for kids in other room. They even have kids wash basin! There is a lego box in the room to keep the children busy too.

As expected it was hard to put my second daughter to sleep. Yeah she was super excited and tired but doesn't want to sleep. We switched off the lights and let her play by herself until she came to sleep beside her daddy. And that was at 12am. Such a tiring day and I know it will be another tiring excited day tomorrow.

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Favourite Quote of The Week #22 - Vacation

Vacation is simply getting up early with children in a new location. - Unknown

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

There Is No Such Thing As Light Packing

For now I do not believe in light packing. I will always have an additional 1 or 2, sometimes 3 extra stuff to bring. There will always.. WHAT IFS.

What if Rania pooped and it dirtied her pants?
What if Arissa wet her PJs when she sleeps two nights in a row?
What if Syahmie accidentally spilled his ice lemon tea?

All of the above could happen.

You have to prepare in advance for everything when travelling with children. And why mommy is always the one who needs to do the packing.. and unpacking? I know one reason why.. husband wouldn't want to get scolded and given the 'the-outfit-is-not-colour-match' kind of look. HAHA. They would just take whatever they see first and as long as there is shirt and pants, or dress. Enough. If the child wear PJs during breakfast at the hotel at 10 also they are still OK. True?

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So last night I plan to start my packing, but I joined by girls on the bed instead. Too tired. I have listed how many pieces should I put inside the huge bag. 1 bag for the 5 of us. Please let it fit and I hope I didn't forget to pack the important stuff.

P/S: There will be a lot of snacks to keep the kids enjoy all the way.

Happy 10th Birthday Adzreza Syahmie

Happy birthday Syahmie! My baby boy is whole year older. Yes I know I have to believe that my son has been with me for 10 years. I hope he will be with me for another 50 years.

He had asked me to order a birthday cake so he can bring it to school today. So I ordered it from Mr. Fruitheart's cousin who lives near my MIL's house. He asked if he can have Lego Chima picture on top of it, but it's quiet hard to design it. He was a bit disappointed I know, and we changed it to Chelsea's logo.

Early morning snap before we sent him to school today. When he saw me this morning after shower, he smiled and said.. "Mama." Automatically I sang the birthday song to him. I can see the happiness in his face. Ahh.. there are no kids who doesn't like birthdays.

Dear Syahmie,

You are going to be a successful man I know. But no matter how big or strong you become, you will always be my baby and will always hold a special place in my heart.

We hope that all of your wonderful dreams come true. Wishing you love, luck, health and happiness on your birthday. Thank you for being a responsible big brother to your little sisters. Although sometimes they give you hard times, bullied you in every way.. you showed me how patience you are. Just please don't cry too much. I know you have a soft heart and sensitive, just like me. Like I always told you, everything that we plan and do is for your own good. And I would also like to say I am sorry if I ever said something that hurt your feelings, things that made you angry and annoy you.. forgive me son.

P/S: Let's have fun in Legoland.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Nur Leia Arissa

Dear Arissa,

Today is your second birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL! Better believe it that you have been in our lives for two years. How time really flies when you have small children. Even Rania is already 6 months old.

This morning me, daddy and abg Syahmie wanted to sing you the birthday song. You were not in the mood because we interrupted your beauty sleep. After we arrived at grandma's house, you were smiling again. You just don't really get it that it is your special day. Maybe when you're 16 then you will ask for a lot of presents or even a big 16 year old party.

If I remembered it correctly, you started talking around 17 months and you haven’t stopped since. You will remember those words we said to you and would say it back to us in your own toddler language. Like Happy Birthday To You, you would say Happy Beyou. It surprised us that these few days you would request for the birthday song video on you tube to be played. It is like a sign that you know your birthday is coming.

You had your big 1 year old birthday celebration last year.. together with abg Syahmie. I'm sorry the 3 of us have to share only one celebration since were on the same month. We shall celebrate our celebration at Legoland next week. Yay! I can't wait.

And one more thing, you love to sing. Yes to those nursery rhymes especially Twinkle twinkle little star, baa baa black sheep and old McDonald. Yes, not forgetting the mischievous things you did. Ahh.. sometimes you really tested our patience. But at the end of the day, we knew we have come to the development part of you being '2 year old mischievous' attitude thing.

As a toddler you love ice cream, cakes, watermelon juice, chocolate and swimming pool. Oh I could go on and on about all the things I have learnt about you, I'll end this by saying I love you so much and thankful to be your mother.

You know you will always have our love and support. May you have a great year and glorious life ahead.

P/S: I do not know what to get you on your birthday. It will just have to wait.

Favourite Quote of The Week #21 - Birthday

"A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip." ~ Author Unknown

"Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
"How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?" ~ Satchel Paige
"There are 364 days when you might get un-birthday presents and only one for birthday presents , you know." ~ Unknown
"I believe in loyalty. When a woman reaches an age she likes, she should stick with it." -Eva Gabor.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

After Birthday

I woke up this morning with a very bad body aching. My back hurts so much. It must be the after affect massage that I had yesterday. Although it disappears my headache, I didn't plan to have my whole body aching. That is not good.. at all!

I started my morning with a big so-not-western breakfast at Oldtown White Coffee Sri Rampai. That is the only nearest opened Oldtwon that I can find. I wanted to go some where exclusive.. ehem.. amboi amboi. So I spent about 45 minutes there and headed home.

I did my laundry and updated my blogged, checked the house. I seriously need to just CHILL and RELAX. It is not gonna hurt anyone if my house is in a little mess or un-organised once in a while. You stubborn woman. Sheesh! So after I am satisfied to leave the house, I shut the door at 11am. My WAZE said ETA to arrive Jari Spa was 12 mins. Good. So I have some time to walk around Publika.

It was not hard finding Publika and yes I reached there within 12 mins. WOW! Impressive. The worse was looking for a parking space. It was FULL! I've been driving all levels for 15 minutes and finally decided to wait near the entrance. Lucky me, a lady driver inside a car beside the entrance started her engine and I got the spot. How I don't see her at the first place? Mesti tak baca doa minta parking la tu.

Took picture of the level and row on the pillar, I know I have short term memory loss. Took the escalator and walk towards Wondermilk. I was like a lost tourist. HAHA. I looked for A2 building. I even called the Jari Spa receptionist twice. And second time, I saw a middle age lady waving at me. I found it!

After 2 1/2 hours of spa treatment, I went to fetched Mr. Fruitheart at his office. It was raining heavily and traffic was pretty bad. We had late lunch at SAKAE Sushi Festival City. I ordered Ramen and after half hour eating eat, my tummy feels funny. It's just a Ramen. Maybe tummy didn't like it. Told Mr. Fruitheart to remind me not to order it in future.

Fetched kiddo and my girls later. Headed home. Enjoy our Wondermilk cupcakes. Don't have the energy after 9PM. What a day. It was supposed to be a relaxing, nice and easy day for me. But no. Maybe I should just sleep and do nothing at home.

P/S: Always 21.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Same Birthday Doodle from Google

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to Fara.. Happy Birthday to you Fara!

The same doodle by Google. I feel like important people today although I'm not like the interactive and addictive puzzle Rubik’s cube 40th birthday yesterday. Heh? HEHE.

Now you will also get this if you have Google account and key in your birthdate and logged in on your bithday.

Alhamdulillah, for another wise year, awesome life with a wonderful husband to be with and 3 children. Life has been good with it's ups and downs. Thank you Allah for everything.

P/S: Already in my early 30's. Double Three by Fara. Get it? I know you do.

Friday, 16 May 2014

2014: Happy Teacher's Day

It's the day where we celebrate our teachers. Happy teacher's day to you, and you and you! Yes, you teacher.

I remembered when I was asked by my late grandpa what I want to be when I grow up. I said a teacher. That is what almost every child's answer when they were 7 years old. "Cita-cita kamu nak jadi apa bila besar nanti?" And in the form also there was a section called Ambition. I just put there teacher. Second and third option, if I'm not mistaken I put it as nurse and doctor. Oh well, I do not know how hard biology was that time until form 4.

So here's to the teacher who had taught me, THANK YOU SO MUCH for teaching me. I know some of them are no longer in this world. And THANK YOU dedication also to my parents and children who will be forever my teacher.

They taught me about life and most importantly.. being patience.

P/S: I salute those teachers who can handle 40 students in a room. Bravo!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Happy Half Birthday Baby

I better believe it that my baby girl is 6 months old today. Happy Half Birthday munckin!

I haven't introduce her to baby food yet. I think I do have apples in the refrigerator. Let's try the apple puree first. Or maybe I can do it over the weekend. Now she is still happy with all the Anmum milk she gets everyday. She is 7KG and Alhamdulillah very healthy.

She can roll over, move forward and sit with us supporting her back. She has big beautiful smile and would be very happy to see us. And now she recognised people around her too, she knows her big brother and sister. She will giggle and laugh whenever both of them make silly faces.

P/S: Mama love you so much Rania.

Supermom: We Just Do Tthe Best We Can

I just had to save this conversation and posted it here. Both of us can look back to this when we are old and show it to our children and grandchildren. HEHE.

As Sarah Michelle Gellar said “There’s no such thing as a supermom. We just do the best we can.”

Mr. Fruitheart had to take half day off today. I believe both my girls were really enjoying their time with daddy. Someone used to say this to me.. because having daddy around means fun while mom is the boring one. As long as I can work, take care of the girls and the house is still in order.. I am happy.

P/S: It is true also that having children means you have to have high tolerance.

Favourite Quote of The Week #20 - Education

“Without education, we are in a horrible and deadly danger of taking educated people seriously.”  ― G.K. Chesterton

Monday, 12 May 2014

2014: Happy Mother's Day

My lovely son made me butter and strawberry jam bread toast. How nice. A surprise visit from my parents and sisters too. We had breakfast and then lunch. I made noodle soup. My first time ever, and thank God it turned out well. I had few friends came over for potluck as well. Haven't seen them for such a long time. What a blessed day.

P/S: No day off when you are a mom. Happy mother's day to me.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Things I Want to Do on Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner. It is due on 11th May. What plans do you have for the day? I'm sure one of it would be bringing your mother, mother-in-law for a good lunch or dinner. As a mother myself, I do not need something wrapped to make me happy, but if I get it.. of course I am! HEHE. A little hug and I love you from my husband and kids would make me happy.

And I know some even plan for a special holiday with their mothers too. How wonderful.

I have shortlisted few things I really want to do just on this day.

I missed my afternoon nap. It is hard to get both my girls sleep at the same time.

No Cleaning or Laundry
I so wish with a blink of an eye my house would be clean on the eve of Mother's Day so I don't have to clean on 11th May. I need a machine to fold all those clothes. Where are you fairy godmother?

I missed reading. I tried to read. But after 10 mins I yawn and the book 'read' me. It was on my face! I know my novels have been collecting dust on the bookshelf.

I do watch TV but mostly Jake and The Neverland Pirates, Doc McStuffin, Sofia The First, Phineas and Ferb, Adventure Time Fin & Jake, Slugterra, Tom & Jerry.. oh the cartoon list can go forever. Don't start with Hi-5. I mean watching adult show. Like Law & Order? Devious Maid? Food Network?

Maybe I can get all that on 20th May. Just maybe.

P/S: Can I have 2 days of 20th May? Like 20th May-1 and 20th May-2? Coz 1 day is not enough.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Special Quilt Made for Baby Girl

A friend of mine whom I knew from social media has this sewing hobby and she made quilt. A nice beautiful quilt. And me as one of the cute stuff lovers, had asked her to make one for my baby girl.

After so long following each others blog and instagram, finally we met on last Wednesday. We had only few minutes to chat and exchanging smiles. HEHE.

Mr. Fruitheart said it was nice and see how my girls reaction to this.

Look at the annoying and irritable face when her sister joined in. And just look at her sister's 'whatever-sharing-is-caring-what-yours-is-mine' face. HAHA.

P/S: Rania is still too small to understand her stuff, so the quilt is shared with all 3 of them.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Spa Treatment for The Mrs. at Jari Spa

I have to say I only got the chance for a spa treatment on my birthday. That means once a year. I know.. I know.. it's NOT enough. How frequent we, woman should go for a spa treatment? Once every 3 months.

Plus now with groupon, milk a deal, my deals and so much more out there, you can get cheaper deal for a spa treatment.

What a surprise from my darling husband. And he has to mentioned in the note there my age. Too much isn't it? When it comes to age, no I do not need to be reminded. HEHE.

P/S: Appointment booked.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Goodbye Binky: Weaning My Daughter Off of Pacifier

My second daughter is going to be 2 years old this month. My idea the first time was to use the binky during nap and bedtime. But then she became the binky junkie and too attached to it. So now I have decided to weaned her off of her pacifier. I had few plans like soak the binky into salt water, put some turmeric to make it dirty and so on. But well the other idea comes originally when she bite it on her own. I saw her biting her binky since last 2 weeks. I'm unsure which tooth coming out.

The other day, she showed me her binky. There was a hole in it. She can even put her fingers inside. I asked her what happened, she said she bite it and it got torn. Lucky us she doesn't know the word: BUY NEW. That did gave me the idea on how to weaned her off. Whenever she wants it, I gave her the broken one. I wanted to see how she reacted. She took it, looked at it and say.. "My binky is torn. I bite it." But still put it in her mouth biting it over and over.

I do have one extra pacifier in case it got worse like she cannot sleep and cry all night long. Of course I do not want her to disturb everyone especially the baby sister. It was not easy for few nights. She seemed to have nightmare and kicking us. Yes she still sleeps with us, because her baby sister is in the cot. She wakes up and looked for her binky, suck it for few seconds and throw it away. Aha, now that's an improvement I told myself. Looks like my plans working.

Yesterday, she bite off her binky and I told her that she cannot use it any longer.

Although she saw her baby sister's sucking a binky, she didn't take it. It took me about one week. Now she is pacifier-free. Yay!

P/S: I was hoping weaning off of the pacifier with my baby girl would be as easy as this in the future.

That Is Why I Marry You

Showing off this snippet conversation of us the other day. And I can show this to Mr. Fruitheart when we're 50, insyallah. Of course, to our children and grandchildren too.

P/S: We are easy to type it rather than say it in front aren't we?

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Favourite Quote of The Week #18 - Hard Work

"When I work, I work real hard to achieve my own satisfaction. The job I love to do, I do it with all my heart. I give my very best. When the outcome is successful; the level of satisfaction is indescribable." ~ Fara Nawawi
P/S: Happy Labour Day to all.