Wednesday, 21 May 2014

After Birthday

I woke up this morning with a very bad body aching. My back hurts so much. It must be the after affect massage that I had yesterday. Although it disappears my headache, I didn't plan to have my whole body aching. That is not good.. at all!

I started my morning with a big so-not-western breakfast at Oldtown White Coffee Sri Rampai. That is the only nearest opened Oldtwon that I can find. I wanted to go some where exclusive.. ehem.. amboi amboi. So I spent about 45 minutes there and headed home.

I did my laundry and updated my blogged, checked the house. I seriously need to just CHILL and RELAX. It is not gonna hurt anyone if my house is in a little mess or un-organised once in a while. You stubborn woman. Sheesh! So after I am satisfied to leave the house, I shut the door at 11am. My WAZE said ETA to arrive Jari Spa was 12 mins. Good. So I have some time to walk around Publika.

It was not hard finding Publika and yes I reached there within 12 mins. WOW! Impressive. The worse was looking for a parking space. It was FULL! I've been driving all levels for 15 minutes and finally decided to wait near the entrance. Lucky me, a lady driver inside a car beside the entrance started her engine and I got the spot. How I don't see her at the first place? Mesti tak baca doa minta parking la tu.

Took picture of the level and row on the pillar, I know I have short term memory loss. Took the escalator and walk towards Wondermilk. I was like a lost tourist. HAHA. I looked for A2 building. I even called the Jari Spa receptionist twice. And second time, I saw a middle age lady waving at me. I found it!

After 2 1/2 hours of spa treatment, I went to fetched Mr. Fruitheart at his office. It was raining heavily and traffic was pretty bad. We had late lunch at SAKAE Sushi Festival City. I ordered Ramen and after half hour eating eat, my tummy feels funny. It's just a Ramen. Maybe tummy didn't like it. Told Mr. Fruitheart to remind me not to order it in future.

Fetched kiddo and my girls later. Headed home. Enjoy our Wondermilk cupcakes. Don't have the energy after 9PM. What a day. It was supposed to be a relaxing, nice and easy day for me. But no. Maybe I should just sleep and do nothing at home.

P/S: Always 21.

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