Thursday, 29 May 2014

Family Vacation 2014 - Legoland Day 1

Mid term school holiday this year started on Wednesday 28th, a day after kiddo's birthday. We had planned since early of the year to have fun in Legoland. Been saving a lot too. HEHE.

The Legoland hotel had opened it's door and we booked the Pirated Theme room. The most excited person is of course our birthday boy. Who doesn't? Even mama is excited.

We left KL at 10.30am and reached Nusajaya at around 2. First time travelling in a car for 4 hours with a baby and toddler is CHALLENGING. My baby wants her daddy to put her to sleep, while my toddler kept on moving from front to back. Although we had put her in her car seat, after 1 hour she won't sit still. I had M&Ms to keep her busy for a while. She slept 1 hour before we reached the hotel.

Scorching hot

There were lego bricks in the lobby for children to play while waiting for parents to check in/out. Brilliant idea. There is a toy shop too. Kiddo was super excited and told me what he wants. Yeah, kids.

After checked in, we settled down for half hour and had lunch at Johor Restaurant Medini Mall. Food was a OK. Then we went to the hotel's 5th floor where the swimming pool located. It is not huge, just nice for guests to chill out.

It started to rain in the evening. As we were all tired to go out, Mr. Fruitheart went to Medini Mall again and bought chicken rice from The Chicken Rice Shop.
The Pirated Theme room is very nice. Separate room for a nice king size bed and double decker bed for kids in other room. They even have kids wash basin! There is a lego box in the room to keep the children busy too.

As expected it was hard to put my second daughter to sleep. Yeah she was super excited and tired but doesn't want to sleep. We switched off the lights and let her play by herself until she came to sleep beside her daddy. And that was at 12am. Such a tiring day and I know it will be another tiring excited day tomorrow.

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