Friday, 2 May 2014

Goodbye Binky: Weaning My Daughter Off of Pacifier

My second daughter is going to be 2 years old this month. My idea the first time was to use the binky during nap and bedtime. But then she became the binky junkie and too attached to it. So now I have decided to weaned her off of her pacifier. I had few plans like soak the binky into salt water, put some turmeric to make it dirty and so on. But well the other idea comes originally when she bite it on her own. I saw her biting her binky since last 2 weeks. I'm unsure which tooth coming out.

The other day, she showed me her binky. There was a hole in it. She can even put her fingers inside. I asked her what happened, she said she bite it and it got torn. Lucky us she doesn't know the word: BUY NEW. That did gave me the idea on how to weaned her off. Whenever she wants it, I gave her the broken one. I wanted to see how she reacted. She took it, looked at it and say.. "My binky is torn. I bite it." But still put it in her mouth biting it over and over.

I do have one extra pacifier in case it got worse like she cannot sleep and cry all night long. Of course I do not want her to disturb everyone especially the baby sister. It was not easy for few nights. She seemed to have nightmare and kicking us. Yes she still sleeps with us, because her baby sister is in the cot. She wakes up and looked for her binky, suck it for few seconds and throw it away. Aha, now that's an improvement I told myself. Looks like my plans working.

Yesterday, she bite off her binky and I told her that she cannot use it any longer.

Although she saw her baby sister's sucking a binky, she didn't take it. It took me about one week. Now she is pacifier-free. Yay!

P/S: I was hoping weaning off of the pacifier with my baby girl would be as easy as this in the future.

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