Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Special Quilt Made for Baby Girl

A friend of mine whom I knew from social media has this sewing hobby and she made quilt. A nice beautiful quilt. And me as one of the cute stuff lovers, had asked her to make one for my baby girl.

After so long following each others blog and instagram, finally we met on last Wednesday. We had only few minutes to chat and exchanging smiles. HEHE.

Mr. Fruitheart said it was nice and see how my girls reaction to this.

Look at the annoying and irritable face when her sister joined in. And just look at her sister's 'whatever-sharing-is-caring-what-yours-is-mine' face. HAHA.

P/S: Rania is still too small to understand her stuff, so the quilt is shared with all 3 of them.

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