Tuesday, 27 May 2014

There Is No Such Thing As Light Packing

For now I do not believe in light packing. I will always have an additional 1 or 2, sometimes 3 extra stuff to bring. There will always.. WHAT IFS.

What if Rania pooped and it dirtied her pants?
What if Arissa wet her PJs when she sleeps two nights in a row?
What if Syahmie accidentally spilled his ice lemon tea?

All of the above could happen.

You have to prepare in advance for everything when travelling with children. And why mommy is always the one who needs to do the packing.. and unpacking? I know one reason why.. husband wouldn't want to get scolded and given the 'the-outfit-is-not-colour-match' kind of look. HAHA. They would just take whatever they see first and as long as there is shirt and pants, or dress. Enough. If the child wear PJs during breakfast at the hotel at 10 also they are still OK. True?

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So last night I plan to start my packing, but I joined by girls on the bed instead. Too tired. I have listed how many pieces should I put inside the huge bag. 1 bag for the 5 of us. Please let it fit and I hope I didn't forget to pack the important stuff.

P/S: There will be a lot of snacks to keep the kids enjoy all the way.

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