Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Family Vacation 2014 - Legoland Day 2

I know I should update more about the hotel, our room, the environment and everything but I am just too tired. I am positive everyone else who had visited Legoland would have updated their experience in either their blog.

It was raining in the evening after we take a short dip in the small swimming pool. Few visitors stranded at the main entrance waiting for the rain to stop.

We left our room at 10am and headed to Legoland Water Theme Park. There were no queue since it was only Thursday and crowd was not that many. I picked a spot under the tent near the food stall. There were blue cabana's and it costs RM300 for a full day rent, RM150 for half day rent. I would say that it was so DAMN expensive. RM150 for full day is still OK for me. It is not a surprised at all when a burger can costs you RM20.

We do not have our chance to eat in the Legoland Restaurant. RM100 for adult, RM50 for children.. for a family of 5 simply can cost you RM400 plus tax. There was no a la carte only buffet. Maybe I should bought food from home. Heh. I did packed some snacks and biscuits. So we had our breakfast, lunch and dinner outside at the nearest Medini Mall.

I do not have much photo's on our second day at the water park. It is still in the camera. We really enjoyed our time there. My boy and girl were the one very happy, super excited to spend time in the water. Legoland was truly a place for children to have fun. They loved the bunk beds, treasure hunting in the room, puzzle and the playground area in the lobby.

Kiddo successfully opened the treasure chest. There were few Lego Chima, which is his favourite. Thank God I do not have to buy more. As promised and birthday presents for my boy and girl, they both got lego toys each.

Did you know if you do not have tickets you still can go into the lego shop in the theme park area? Yes. You have to pay a deposit of RM145 per person, spend minimum RM100 for 45 mins.

Overall, I would give Legoland a 4 out of 5. The hotel service was excellent. Room was superb, bathrooms were clean and hotel staff was friendly.

It's hard to have a good picture of the kids and me. This was the only picture I can get hold of my 2 year old and baby.

P/S: If we ever want to visit Legoland Theme Park plus Water Theme Park, I know what to prepare next time.
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