Monday, 16 June 2014

How To Do Money Order for First Timer

There is always first time for everything. If it wasn't because of I lost my certificate, I wouldn't know how to do money order via Pos Malaysia.

I myself smile when I think of it. We used to do almost everything online, Internet banking and so on.. we forgot how to do the traditional way. You know, there are still people who went to the post office and pay their bills. Not surprise eh?

So.. let me continue with my story. I had lost my most important certificates - Diploma, SPM, PMR, UPSR and all that I received from my previous work training. When my father moved the new house, I have packed all my stuff in one big box. He transferred everything to a new box and he doesn't know where my files were when I asked him. I've searched the entire storage and I do not know where my black file is. Now I have to trouble myself to get the photocopy of my certificates.

I googled 'salinan sijil SPM' and found:

I am so relief that I can get a photocopy of my certificates. Phew! After reading on how to get it, I went to the post office and make money order. Fill in the form and paid RM20. RM10 for each certificate that I requested - SPM and PMR. I don't remember how much is the service charge, RM0.60 maybe. After all is done, I went back to the office and fill in my details on the money order. So what's next? I got blur not knowing what to do with the money order in my hand. Should I pass it back to the counter? Should I put it inside the envelop together with the form? Should I scan it? Argh!


I asked Mr. Fruitheart, he also not sure. I googled! And found the answer in this blog -
Cara Buat Kiriman Wang Pos

Now I am all done. Thank God I didn't call their customer service or send email. Silly me.

P/S: I hope you reach your destination.

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